Boom Beach Private Servers for Android & iOS (Latest Update)

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These are the working Boom Beach private servers for both Android & iOS. The jailbroken & rooted method works most of the time, so better like it a shot. You may also try the other two methods but I don't think it will work for everyone. 🙂

Most of the Supercell games are wildly popular among mobile gamers. I too used to enjoy myself playing Boom Beach a few years back. But to be honest, it was sometimes irritating to wait hours or even days upgrading your buildings in Boom Beach. Anyway, now that I have found these Boom Beach private servers, I can again join my army! 😉

I was totally triggered and I was looking for some reliable Boom Beach Private Servers which would work both on iOS & Android, as I played on an old iPhone 4S lying around, and on my PC using Bluestacks.

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Without hassle, I could have this working on my jailbroken iOS device. However, there are some issues in installing the Boom Beach modded (.ipa) file. For Android, it’s dead simple, just download the Boom Beach modded APK, and you have it working. However, rooted Android is required! 😀

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Boom Beach Private Servers (Android & iOS)

Not to mention, it feels like ‘paradise‘ being in one of these modded servers. You literally have unlimited resources – gold and gems. At least, you don’t have to wait days to see your upgraded base! 😉

I don’t like the Boom Beach DNS servers for iOS as they never seem to work, at least for me. But, I have listed some of them here. To be more specific, my friend won’t this working. It’s good to take a chance, right? 😀

Before you would like to join these Boom Beach private servers, you need to know the features! 😉

  • You have unlimited Gold and Gems.
  • Just like the original server, you can have clans.
  • You can upgrade all your buildings without spending days to finish!
  • These Clash Royale private servers work just like the official Clash Royale server.

Well, let’s see some of the cons of Clash Royale private servers.

  • Sometimes, it gets boring to have nothing to earn for yourself.
  • Servers could get seriously laggy on some occasions due to overload.
  • You might get auto-disconnected in between a battle, not great!

Requirements for Android & iOS:

I’m glad that this is gonna work for anyone following the guide precisely. But you need a jailbroken iDevice, so if you’re on the latest iOS 10 or higher, then you might have to wait until you get your device jailbroken! For Android, the OS version which should be above 4.3 & the device should be rooted! 🙂

Boom Beach Private Servers for Android (Rooted)

If you have rooted Android device, you can follow these steps.

  1. Install ‘Hosts Editor‘ from the download links.
  2. Press the plus(+) symbol at the top.
  3. In the IP Address field, type any of the Server IP Listed below.
  4. In the Hostname field,
  5. Open Boom Beach and you should be connected.
Servers IP Status
Public Server 1 Online
Public Server 2 Online

Boom Beach Private Servers for Android (No Root)

Quick Disclaimer:
This method might not work, so don’t not slang in the comment section. Instead, I prefer the ‘rooted’ method, and that works without any issues. 🙂
  1. Open ‘Settings’ and then ‘WiFi’.
  2. Hold down on the Wifi connection you are connected to and check the box marked Advanced Options.
  3. In the IP Settings dropdown, press Static.
  4. Under IP Address, type any internal IP address, on most home networks it’s usually safe to type Check your network configuration to find what you should be using.
  5. Under gateway, type your router IP. It can either be or in most home networks.
  6. Type for both DNS1 and DNS2.
  7. Open Boom Beach and you should be connected!

Boom  Beach Private Servers for iOS (Jailbreak)

  1. Open /etc/hosts with a file browser and text editor (like iFile)
  2. Add a new row to the bottom of the file:
  3. Reinstall Boom Beach and you’re done, enjoy!

Boom  Beach Private Servers for iOS (No Jailbreak)

Quick Disclaimer:
I prefer the Jailbroken method instead, as it has a higher rate of success. 🙂
  1. Go to your ‘WiFi’ options and click the “i” in a circle next to the network you are connected to.
  2. Scroll down until you see the DNS options. Delete the present DNS servers and replace them with
  3. Open Boom Beach and you should be connected!


That’s it, bro! You can now connect to these Boom Beach private servers and enjoy unlimited resources in Boom Beach. This works both for Android & iOS. However, out of the two methods for each OS (Android & iOS), I prefer the ‘rooted‘ and ‘jailbroken‘ methods!

If you found this post helpful, make sure to share it with your Boom Beach friends. Also comment below to let me know if you encountered any issues while connecting on any of the OS! 😀

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